Friday, January 30, 2009

My Daddy and I Made My First Fort

Today dad came in and was really excited to make me my first fort. So... He used my new birthday present, mommies black blanket, and some super strong clamps that he borrowed from his garage to create my first fort. It was pretty interesting, but I went into it with daddy. See our cool fortress and my daddy and I inside it.


I went to check on Wyatt this afternoon just really to see if he had actually gone to sleep. He had been talking and wallering in his bed for quite awhile before he evidently finally gave in to the sleepies. As you can see from the picture I think this is one of the reasons why it took us so long to fall asleep. We needed to gather all of our possessions in order to settle completely. Goofy guy, but we love him.

Snow Bunny? Not So Much

Tuesday brought the first snow day in a very long time. I thought that Wyatt might enjoy going outside and seeing the fluffy white stuff, so we got up and got dressed and went outside. But, we weren't so excited about it as you can see. So, I quickly shot these two pictures and then we quickly ran back inside where we were much more happy and content.


Well, so it finally happened to us. We've been so very fortunate and lucky to not have any major illness es thus far in our first year. But, I think that luck finally ended about 2 weeks ago. It all started when Doug came home from a weekend hunting adventure and had diarrhea for about 24 hours straight. FUN! Then we had a down day and nobody was ill and then Tuesday night it was poor little Wyatt's turn. He began vomiting at midnight or so early Wed. morning and continue until late Wed. morning. Then we looked to be on the mend until the diarrhea started Thursday night. Also about that same time I got sick throwing up all night long until 5:00 AM Friday morning. Then Wyatt persisted with diarrhea until Sat. when we started to throw up round two. Sunday and Monday were so, so days and again we thought we were on the mend until we threw up for the third time and had another three diarrhea diapers. But, then Tuesday came and the forgiving sun must have rose with us that day because that was finally the day that it all seemed to finally get better.

Anyway long story short here is a somewhat pitiful picture of Wyatt and daddy sitting on the couch just hanging out on Tuesday night. The apparent day of final recovery. Thank goodness. Also a pic. of daddy and Wyatt mending the scratchy throat with a moisturizing Popsicle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My 1st haircut

I can't believe it's been one year since my last haircut. I'm just kidding. It was finally time for our first hair cut. His bangs were starting to get so long they were getting in his eyes and he's not quite got the coordination to be able to sweep them out of of the way. So, we went to the "salon" this morning and snipped our baby hairs right off. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures because, as everyone who knows Wyatt knows, he was kind of wiggly. Surprise, surprise. He did so well though Cindi, the hairdresser, was so impressed with him. So, I guess he got an A+ on his first hair cut.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My First Birthday!

Well for everyone who doesn't know I'm turning ONE this Wednesday (Jan. 14, 2009 @11:10 AM to be exact). It's hard to believe that we're already here. Here are some pictures of what my Grandma and Grandpa gave me. I really like the slide and am working really hard at trying to climb back up it as well. But before we could have all this fun we had to put it all together. Wyatt tried very hard to help daddy screw the big plastic pieces together 'with the flashlight.' Take a look at our hard work and the resulting FUN that came thereafter.